moving pictures

movies shape our lives, some you watch to relax and some straight up change the way you think about the world. i consider myself a bit of a movie buff, i watch just about every thing that comes out that looks good. below are some of my recomendations.

everyone should see once (these will open your eyes)

Schindlers List 1993 stephen speilbergs powerful holocaust epic that won seven academy awards
American History X 1998 a neo nazi played by edward norton, is inprisoned and once he's released he finds that his brothers has fallen in with the movement. great film and is definatly not pro nazi

messed up movies (things arent always what they seem)

Fight Club 1999 starring edward norton and brad pitt. two men who lead very different lives start an underground boxing club, well kinda. impossible to explain much about this movie without ruining it. my all time favorite
The Usual Suspects 1995 kevin spacey leads a great cast as a sole survivor of a caper gone wrong. a movie you won't soon forget
Seven 1995 starring brad pitt and morgan freemen as fbi agents fallowing the grusom serial murders of a psyco
Being John Malkovich 2000 starring john cusack as a puppeteer that discovers a tunnel into john malkovick's eyes.
A Beautiful Mind 2002 a ron howard film starring russell crowe (who won an academy award for this role), about a man that is very intellegent and is able to read codes. this talent ends up opening many doors for him
A Clockwork Orange 1971 directed by stanley kubrick, when this movie was made it was outlawed in britin. about a guy that along with his small gang do many illegal and illmoral things each night. there are a couple moderatly explicit sexual scenes early in the movie but once you think it cant get any worse, the path does change. this film as a whole is very intersting and is worth watching for the lingo alone.
Frequency 2000 starring dennis quaid and jim caviezel as a father and son that begin talking over an old cb radio. the thing is the the father died in the 1969 so the adult son in present day is speeking with his father living in the 60's. great concept and actually pg-13
The Butterfly Effect 2004 starring ashton kutcher as a college student that through his childhood had many blackouts during tramatic experiances and years later learns how to tap into these memorys and change the past. i really liked that a fair amount of the time he actully does things that you think he should do.
12 Monkeys 1995 starring bruce willis and brad pitt. bruce plays a prisioner of sorts in a hopeless future that is sent back in time to more or less figure out what happend. very kool, very strange, brad pitt plays a mental patient.
Identity 2003 great cast of john cusack, ray liotta and many more. ten strangers become trapped in a remote motel in the desert when they start getting killed off. much deeper then a murder mystery
Frailty 2001 amazing find, starring bill paxton and matthew mcconaughey. matthew walks into the fbi agency and tells the head of the "God's Hand" murder investigation that he knows who the killer is. bill paxton plays mcconougheys father when hes younger. this movies got plenty of surprizes.
Final Destination 2000 about a small group of high school grads on there way to paris, that get of off the plane at the last minute, avoiding the plane crash that would have caused there deaths. with barrowed time they try to servive minute to minute.this is not the greatest movie with the greatest acting but the consept makes this movie and the sequal worth watching, both are definatly intertaining.
Dream Catcher 2003 based on a novel by stephen king, a group of old friends with a very interesting link get together yearly. meanwhile an army being lead by morgan freemen is chaseing an alien near the cabin there vacationing at. good stephen king movie and like many of his works, theres a good friendship story that goes along with the strange stuff

thrillers (some people may call some of these horror)

The Ring 2003 about a video tape that once you watch it your phone rings and the voice tells you that you have exactly 7 days till you die. a reporter investigates some deaths that seem to be caused by the tape. i like "scary" movies and i must say this had the highest chill factor of any movie i've ever seen.

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